Wake-Up Light Therapy Alarm Clocks

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This digital alarm clock will imitate the sunrise during dark winter nights, will play your favorite tune, radio or even nature sound. The technology is based on latest research and development offering LED, touch screen, snooze, batteries etc.

If you’re looking for sunrise simulation on the cheap, this wake-up light sunrise simulation alarm clock is an ideal choice. The features of wake-up light that will help you gently wake from a deep sleep by gradually increasing light from 10 percent to 100 percent over a 30-minute period.

On the flip side, the sunset simulation will begin at 100 percent light intensity and gradually decrease to help you fall asleep in a more natural way. With 10 adjustable brightness settings, the clock offers touch control for changing the various settings or choosing from one of the six natural music sounds or seven different colors (warm-white, green, red, blue, purple, orange and indigo).


  • 7 Colorful Lights +10 Levels of White Light Brightness: You can adjust the brightness to personal preference; Multi color mode can automatically change the color or manual adjustment; Wake-Up Light will gradually brighten from 10% of brightness to 100% 30 minutes before your alarm time, the alarm will ring gradually louder which gently bring you out of deep sleep;
  • Unique New Sunset Function: Before 30 minutes the setting sunset time,the white light will from 100% to turn off, the Sunset function guides you to natural, restful sleep;
  • Multifunction: Sunrise & sunset simulation Wake-Up Light + Alarm clock + FM radio; It have 2 types for power supply: DC, link the power outlet; AC, 2 7 batteries or USB connected to the computer, mobile power;
  • This is a humanized Wake-Up Light. With the unique combination of light and sound, you can wake up in a more natural way and feeling more refreshed. You can freely enjoy the radio show you like and relax yourself.
  • 6 Alarm Clock Sounds+FM Radio+Snooze: You can choose 6 different sounds to be alarm clock ring for nature wake up yourself; Or you can choose your favorite FM; Snooze function is available and repeats in every 5 minutes;

How to operate:

  1. "-","+": Mainly used to adjust the brightness, change the light color, FM channel search, set the time;
  2. Sun logo button: white and lantern switch button: lantern mode (can be automatically converted to 7 colorful, can also touch + or - select a single color) .; white light mode (brightness of 10 adjustable, touch + or - can be adjusted);
  3. Sunset and Sunrise setting button:when open the sunrise timing, it will display a sign; no sign display showing the sunset timing off (When the sunset timing symbol is turned on, the sunset time setting time is displayed for 2 seconds and then returns to the current clock time), Press the key to enter the sunset light timer setting mode, the default hours flashing, press the key to adjust the alarm time, and then short press to confirm; minutes flash, enter the minute setting, press to adjust,finish the setting.


  • Shape: Circular
  • Screen Type: LED
  • Display Type: Digital
  • Weight: 500g
  • Width: 95mm
  • Package Weight: 0.500kg (1.10lb.)
  • Package Size: 15cm x 15cm x 10cm (5.91in x 5.91in x 3.94in)