Hand Fins Glove

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Swim like a frog, swim and catch a wave faster. Extra elasticity and special cut, hydrodynamic shape, reusable design. Good performance soft silicone material. Increase resistance and improve technique, elastic. Made of silicone, easy to use and store.


  • Beginners Swimming Exercise: freestyle and breaststroke pull hold water and other basic movements, reducing the vortex interference, increasing your on flow control, improving exercise fun
  • Swimming Training: help you adjust the stroke trajectory, improve training efficiency
  • Water Activity of Rescue: rescue drowning when the fingers of both hands in the water can be flexibly operating ring knot, single hand water side stroke, stroke more effort
  • Spa Rehabilitation: to increase the buoyancy of water to you, help you in completing the Rehabilitation Act, decrease of two degrees of injury, improve the rehabilitation effect
  • Outdoor Water Activities: in the river, crossing, steer a boat, swimming, surfing, windsurfing, helping you in water activities, a finger can complete the effective stroke


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