10-30X50 power zoom Binoculars for hunting

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The products binoculars for adults are made of the objective lens and eyepiece broadband green film,prism plated blue film image clear and bright.

  • 10x-30x Powerful zoom function to make products with a variety of multiples,
  • Fully coated optics for crisp and sharp images with green lens to minimize glare
  • 10x-30x High Powerful zoom with different magnifications ideal for all outdoor activities and sporting events
  • Suitable for bird watching, camping, hunting,watching the game and other activities.Especially the search target, first at hand with low range to the target, then by the high ratio observes, guarantee a trick.With it, whatever action target escapes your eyes.
  • Material: specialized engineering materials, handgrip has high-class really glue, comfortable to touch. Eyepiece with eye protective soft glue;Inner objective lens add green plated film turn-back film, in order to solve the problem of insufficient light, make the scene more clear;
  • A truly infinite smooth varying zoom, precision focusing system;Ultra clear the built-in wide-angle lens, allows you to see larger Angle.


    • Color: Black
    • Filed Of View: 234FT/1000YDS
    • Prism Type: Porro Bak4
    • Function: Night Vision wide-angle Binoculars
    • Application: Climbing Traveling Hiking Hunting Watching
    • Magnification: : 10-30X
    • Coating: FMC