About Us

Hello, everyone! 

My name is Henry, and together with my wife Ana, we decided to start this shop and blog that aims to equip travelers with all the necessary equipment and everything one needs to enjoy an adventure, be that on the beach in Maldives, climbing a mountain in Romania or wonder the streets of Paris. 

We travel a lot, but still, we hate packing. There is always something missing, especially when the trips are so different from each other. One day we are surfing in Cape Verde, the next day we are in a safari in Tanzania and in a few weeks we have a desert trip planned in the Sahara desert and everything might end with some relaxing days in Rome.

We always have to read extensively in order to prepare before any trip. Because what is there more annoying than arriving at your destination, in a remote resort, on a Philippine island without your snorkeling mask?! We hate using those from the tourist companies and buying one locally is twice as expensive as back home.

Also, we could never find all the information in one place. Mainly, details like these are written in blog posts, by those that have been there. So, taking into consideration our experience, we present you our shop with carefully selected and thought out things that one needs in any situation and any kind of adventure. You won't find 200 types of snorkeling masks, but only 3 that we believe are worth owning, same with everything else.

Get ready for your adventure.