Outdoor Running Bag 250ML Handheld Water Bottle and Hand Bag For 4.7 inch Phone

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This handheld hydration pack keeps 250ml water bottle with an adjustable cinch strap and a curved bottle designed to fit your hand snugly. The essentials pocket has just enough room for your card, phone, keys and gels-all in a package so light that you'll almost forget you're carrying it. 

-Adjustable hand strap enables grip free running and fit your hand well.
-Multiple zippered pockets can hold phone (up to 4.7 inch), keys, ID and other running essentials easy.
-Reflective trim provides incredible visibility and lets you stay safe while being seen in low light conditions.
-Speed grip bottle offers quick bursts of water.

-Material: Nylon
-Color: Black / Blue / Orange (Optional)
-Bottle: With / Without (Optional)
-Bag Weight: 37g / 1.31oz
-Bag Dimension: 15 * 8.5cm / 5.9 * 3.3in
-Bottle Weight: 38g / 1.36oz
-Bottle Dimension: 15.5 * 8cm / 6.1 * 3.1in
-Package Size: 15 * 8.8 * 1.5cm / 5.9 * 3.5 * 0.6in               
-Package Weight: 75g / 1.7oz