How important is to have everything you need on a vacation

How important is to have everything you need on a vacation

 We can tell you so many stories from our experience when we wished we had more stuff with us. Though we hate stuff. And we try to travel light, which is why we came to create our own essentials kit for every type of adventure we have, so we never ever stress during our adventures.

One pair of good shoes, not like the time we hiked in the Grand Canyon and my shoe just fell apart and I had to continue on what came to be the worst hiking in my life. Or always have a power bank and not like the time when our phone died on the way to Arusha in Tanzania and we couldn't find our accommodation. Or I will never forget the time we went on our first safari with just a phone camera and a smaller camera with not much zooming options and, of course, no binocular. Everyone was so exciting to see the animals, and we got to see them only when someone was nice to give us from time to time theirs. And these are just some ideas of what can be missed during vacations, that are so obvious sometimes that you get even angrier.

That's why we decided to sell essentials, which means that every product we have displayed on our website, is carefully selected, from trusted brands and tested during our adventures. 

Sometimes a great vacation is having a nice sun hat and good sunscreen, a great pair of comfortable hiking shoes or a perfect sleeping bag when camping in Arches National Park. Also, a guide book. Though I will write a separate article on how cool is to have a guide book.  All of these are not always found at home. And also some of them are obvious but you tend to forget them. That's why we're here.

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Pontiac Lake Recreation Area, Waterford Township, United States